19 Tennis Pendant - Cameo - Brooch - #43
19 Tennis Pendant - Cameo - Brooch - #43

19 Tennis Pendant - Cameo - Brooch - #43

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We had many inquiries for Cameos from our memorabilia collection but those are not for sale. To make this beautiful type of jewelry available for our customers, we searched for the best known cameo carver in Italy and ordered these very close reproductions. They are absolutely stunning! Each of our cameos are signed by the artist Gennaro Boriello.

The sizes of the cameos are (1 1/4") wide X 40 mm (1 3/4") heights. The silver cameos have a heart shaped bezel (0.6 mm opening), and a pin on the back, so they can be worn as a brooch as well. The mounting is Sterling silver (B, C, D) and one as a pendant only in an 18K gold setting (A) - see photo. Please specify for the gold cameo A for the silver cameos B, C or D in the instructions box.

The pictured cameos are in stock. If sold, please allow 6-7 weeks for delivery

The shell cameo is hand-carved in the southern Italian town of Torre Del Greco, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. The tradition of cameo carving has existed in this region of Italy for centuries. The cameo portrait began with depicting the gods and goddess of mythology as well as heroes and nobles of society. Through the ages, it has been cherished as a family heirloom.

A “Certificate of Guarantee” accompanies each cameo stating the cameo’s origin and is signed by G. Boriello.

Never soak cameo in jewelry cleaner or any other acidic cleaner. Only use gentle soap and water or a jewelry cloth for the cameo and its setting. 
The shell, which we use for carving is known scientifically as “Cypraecassis Rufa” and is imported from the West Indies and Madagascar. This shell is NOT an endangered species and is approved for importation to the US by Fish and Wildlife.

These Cameos are designed and sold exclusively by us