18A Tennis Racket Pendant - #180

18A Tennis Racket Pendant - #180

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Tennis Racket Pendant - available in 14K and 18K white or yellow gold with or without diamond, weight: 14K = 6.6 grams. Size: racket head 16 mm (5/8") width X 39.3 mm (1 9/16") X 40 mm length. The pendant is available in any size, please inquire at tennisheritage@AOL.com. The price quoted is for for a 14K pendant without diamond. Please inquire the price for the smaller version..

Please inquire the current price for either 14K and/or 18K with or without diamond. A 16"/18" chain is not included but available upon request. Please specify by e-mail pendant type and with or without chain

The pendant can be worn racket head down, racket head up or slanted (item # 180B), please specify in the instructions box on the order form. The standard design has a loop (in the back) at the bottom of the handle - the racket head pointed down.

Due to the daily changing price of gold, please inquire updated prices by e-mail tennisheritage@aol.com before ordering

This pendant is also available in Sterling silver with CZ (#187) as well as silver/gold plated..